Sunday, June 03, 2007

Google Street View

I was supposed to go on a 70 mile bike ride yesterday. Instead, I biked to the beach and back with the Burley. Why, you might ask? Because we took Pooteewheet's car in to have the clutch fixed after I drove it to guitar lessons on Thursday night and came home to ask, "How long has it been acting like that?" Then, on Friday, we made arrangements to hit her parents' house on the way north to my nephew's birthday, so we could pick up a car, and I could drive my car north from my brother's house, and she'd have a car to drive home. On the way there, my car almost redlined. The fan is gone. It has to go in. We're merely waiting on the shop to say they're done with her car so we don't have both of them in the shop (as I can drive it to work without burning up the engine). But I wasn't willing to drive it all the way to Garrison, Minnesota. In the past, I've been stopped from going on the ride in Garrison by faulty pipes at my parents' cabin, and almost taco-ing my tire (although that only stopped me from doing the 70 and rerouting me onto the 30 instead). Seriously...I was happy with the taco-ed tire - it's about $2000 cheaper than both cars going into the shop. If fate has it out for me, I'd be willing to take the hint from more inexpensive portents.

So...has anyone else checked out the Google Street View that's getting so much buzz because it's showing license plate numbers and kitties who haven't signed consent forms? Here's a big list of what people think is amusing from Street View. Personally, I can't imagine we won't get 1000's of pictures of the Google Street View cars veering off to check out beaches and sororities. But maybe that's because that's what I'd be up to. Can you score with Google Street View groupies by getting them screen time? Probably...but then your wife would probably catch you getting it on on 928 Smith Street on your own cameras.

I'm primarily interested in how they got this picture of Ming defying his wife. Yep...she won't let him bike in the street and yet, here he is, openly defying her on Google Street View. It's like he's been outed. Maybe Mean Mr. Mustard will agree to be his lawyer in the divorce case.


Anonymous said...

All orientals look the same to you now? Do you know how much trouble that picture got me into?


Anonymous said...

That can't be Ming. You said he had training wheels on his bike. And those tassel/streamer things on the handlebars. Oh, and the little plastic deals on the wheels that rub the spokes and make the wheels go bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when he rides....