Sunday, June 03, 2007

The 5th Guy

Mean Mr. Mustard found this and didn't want to blog it based solely on a co-worker we have who fits the profile to a tee. But when I was at the beach yesterday, there were half a dozen teenagers there playing frisbee and throwing wet nerf balls at each other. During the frisbee tossing, one of the guys reached into his trunks, adjusted, then caught the frisbee with the adjusting hand, and rethrew. There's no way I'd be catching that frisbee, even though there was lots of passive hand-washing going on in the lake. There could be some speculation, based on his girlfriend arriving later in a white bikini, as to where his hands had been in addition to down his trunks...but I was too busy worrying about the mentally handicapped woman repeating "hubba hubba" to me several times and referring to me as "hey big guy". There's no good way to deal with that other than to let her sister tell her to knock it off.

So enjoy The Fifth Guy, courtesy of the Florida Department of Health. You might not know you've met him.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me

Anonymous said...

Who knew I wasn't supposed to cover my cough with paperwork I will eventually be handing to a co-worker? Thank you Florida Department of Health for setting me straight on the correct course of action.