Thursday, May 03, 2007

Doesn't Look Good

I rode my bike in two days this week, pulling the Burley behind me so I could take Eryn home from day care. With all the laxatives she's been on lately, she had an accident or two at work (streaks - she's embarrassed about it, and tries to joke it off), and so I was sent home with two bags, each containing a pair of underwear.

Well, I got to work this morning, and was just about to walk away from the Burley, when I noticed I'd missed one of the pairs of dirty panties in a bag. And then I realized it wasn't just a bag, it was a latex glove, because they'd run out of bags. I had a pair of dirty kid panties in a see-through latex glove in the bottom of my Burley, laying there in all sorts of road gravel kicked off the bike tire. I don't think it's possible to look more like some sort of serial killer. I'm pretty sure I'd have asked the guards to check me out if I had locked my bike up next to me.

I pushed them back up under the Burley seat where they could only be found with an appropriate search warrant.

I get to practice Pretty Woman and Smoke on the Water this week on the guitar. Not the whole songs, just riffs. But it's cool to play something fun.

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