Monday, April 23, 2007

Two For Monday

I haven't linked to Tom at Sky Blue Waters in a while again, but he has a post up with a link to Minnesota Grown, the MN directory to finding farm fresh food close to your home. I keep meaning to catch a few farms and find a source or two of local honey. Supposedly it's great for your allergies (I guess you build up some tolerance for the pollen they use to make their honey, which works best if it's actually the pollen in your area) and it makes good mead.

Adventures in Reading has a link to 75 questions/rules to observe when writing a fantasy novel. I like #57 - "Does your main character have a magic axe, hammer, spear, or other weapon that returns to him when he throws it?", but I think it needs a handy name, like The Krull Gambit. I wonder if you have to do a 180 on that list if you're playing D&D?

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