Sunday, April 22, 2007

4th Birthday Party

Update: I'm not sure why YouTube doesn't like the phrase "hogpiled", but it simply refused to finish processing my video of Dan'l and the kids wrestling. So I reuploaded it and named it "pig piled" and it finished in about 5 seconds. Oh well. Early today, the video of Eryn on the ATV was showing up for me as some sort of block editing video, so I don't know what they're up to over there. It's a peculiar way to make sure I'm not violating any copying laws.

Today we had a party for 12 three and four year old children at our house. That's only 2/3 of the number that were invited, and the house was mad with activity, particularly after it started raining and everyone moved inside. Our house is four levels, so fully 1/2 the house is sort of unusable for any sort of partying, so it gets a little crowded. Eryn's guests played games (some haphazard participation in pin the lightning bolt on Lightning McQueen), ate cake and ice cream, took turns trying to break the Lightning McQueen pinata (and each other), and just generally caroused with all of Eryn's stuff for two hours. For the most part, while noisy, they were perfect guests.

Most disturbing moment? Preparty when Pooteewheet noted that because Eryn was starting all of the balloons for us, and we had to finish them off, that made her the "fluffer". And people call me warped. Logan took home a whole trunk full of fluffed balloons at the end of the party. We handed out Cars cars to all the kids so they'd have something to take away, but I think the balloons were the best gift he could have received.

Here's Dan'l wrestling all the children. This continued downstairs, and was rather raucous. He brings it on himself.

Everybody singing happy birthday.

Eryn navigating the party balloons on her ATV just prior to the party. She and I spent quite a while playing navigate the balloons, kick the balloons, and baseball, with the balloons. That's probably why she was a little weak on the pinata later, she was all worn out from swinging a few hundred times at a fast pitch balloon.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. We loved having everyone over, and Eryn loves the gifts. She was playing with them right up to 30 minutes past her bedtime.

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Anonymous said...

OH my gawd. I was waiting for the youtube of dan being wrasled and it was worth it. What the hell?