Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Scorched Earth

While looking for Scorch the book on Wikipedia, just to add a link, I instead found Scorched Earth, the PC game (I suppose that means I should contribute to Wikipedia, but I'm not really a wiki sort of guy. I like the idea...I just don't like the idea of me trying to maintain a page). I loved that game. Such a simple idea - take turns shooting at each other with the biggest weapons you can afford - and so addictive. I remember the satisfaction of creating a hole under another tank with a digger, and then lobbing a napalm round over to fill up the hole and drown the enemy in fire. The sizzling was very soothing.

It doesn't surprise me that Hogs of War and Scorched Earth are considered similar, or even direct relatives. Pooteewheet and I still play that once and a while on the PS2, although it's not as much fun since we got rid of the PS1 with the multitap for four.

"Let us not romanticise these battles though brave hogs. There will be slaughter and butchery. Your job will be to bring victory to your chosen nation, to save your own bacon and make a meal of your enemies. With victory comes great reward. SO great in fact that your brave boars will be as happy as pigs in... well, you get the idea. With any luck, we'll all be home in time for Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Chop, chop! "

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