Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Bit of Postpourri

Firefox has an addin that helps with Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to show much unless your site is big, but it has nice links to all the little tools for watching your site stats (technorati, et al).

My Information Architecture book noted today, "If you're too young to remember Gopher, consider the category/subcategory navigation on an iPod instead." (p. 120). I suppose if I can't remember BBS's, I should consider the internet instead?

Kyle might be interested to know that yesterday I followed a black Mustang to work (parked at the building). License plate: Bullitt. You have to be old school to know the reference, or have Kyle recommend the movie on Netflix. It was made the year I was born.

Disney is considering rereleasing Song of the South. There is some concern about the portrayal of southern plantation blacks. I specifically remember watching the movie in '72 and loving the stories and the songs. I'm under no delusion that master-slave plantation dynamics were idyllic. I'm glad they're considering putting it back out so Eryn can enjoy Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and some good storytelling.


PTW said...

I'm reading your blog! I'm reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

In homage to the old school, Ford actually released a souped-up Bullitt edition Mustang in 2001 - they made about 5,700 of them. You might have seen one, as they did make them in black (as well as blue and green). The one I have actually seen on the road was in green.

If it had no spoiler and a brushed aluminum fuel door, it was either a 2001 Bullitt, or someone trying to look like one. Or maybe it was just a Mustang driver who really liked the movie :)