Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Position

Not sexual position...pervs. Althoough I do have that book my sister in law bought me for Christmas with one position a day. Unfortunately, they all require at least two people.

A new work position. But haven't I only been working my current position for three months? sort of goes that way sometimes. I'm starting to understand the new job pretty well, so it's time to move on. I'm not completely off my old job, and I'm not yet completely on the new job, but starting next week, I'll be cutting over (dual managers!) and doing more of the new stuff and presumably less of the old stuff. That means more workflow (my new setup looks very much like the BPM Biztalk stuff I used to do, just different terms for everything), less mentoring. For Mean Mr. Mustard, that means I'll be working directly with Pete. For Tall Brad, that means I'll be working with Woz. On a positive note, I read the full 400+ pages of documentation for the new project weeks ago, just to get an idea how it fit with my current setup, and did an install of their assemblies, and a test run with some sample data on my laptop. Between that and my Biztalk experience, I think I have the first "several weeks" of ramping up they referred to in an email today covered.

For those keeping track...and I doubt anyone career path in the last 15 months or so has been: tech lead (.NET web app) >> programmer (BTS) > offered project lead, declined (for good reasons), tech lead (BTS) >> tech lead (.NET web app) >> interim project lead (seven directs) >> project lead (three directs) >> information architect (closest title that fits, with a mentoring role as well, some SEO-type stuff from a low level, and a bit of PM) >> systems analyst (at least that's the current prediction for what this job entails from my end - workflows/dataflows, etc). Seven managers (and direct to one director for a while). It's a good thing I like to read project and application documentation.

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