Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why I Think I Went to the UK Instead of Korea

Pooteewheet was on an eating octopus video kick last night. I'm not sure why, but she left me links for all of them, and they're absolutely disgusting. So, I must share...

I can't embed this one, but it's funny. It's a family eating octopus with a weird comedic voice over. They're doing it the traditional way according to the Weird Food show I saw on cable, which is wrapping it around the chopsticks. Make sure to stay with it until the little girl has an octopus to herself.

"It's leaving sucker marks on me!"

Oldboy "Eating Live Octopus" - Behind The Scenes. Oldboy is a great movie if you like things like Resevoir Dogs (but with a better plot and a Korean take). He makes it look like he's eating beef jerky. I think it's cheating if you spit it out, but at least he apologizes to it near the end.

This one wants to get away (nice and short). Damn freaky.

And finally this isn't just octopus, but penis fish as well. Yum. With the funky music, it's almost like the ocotopus bits are dancing.
With the music, it seems like they're dancing

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