Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tall Brad Must Get Married Again!

So that he can have his bachelor party during the summer. Because this (picture below - looks so much cooler than the zebra-striped bus. Sure, there's no stripper pole, but it's got a built in keg, you can puke off the side instead of in a puke bucket, and there are no exhaust fumes. I imagine the worst part would be pedaling Brad and Dornie's asses around once they passed out at their stools (via MNBeer). Hey...Erik's not married yet. Maybe this is the sign he's been waiting for.

While you're at it, go check out Paul Selcke's He's got video up at his site now, so you can watch the conference bike in action. I think biking in Minnesota in January or February for a conference meeting would be a serious bonding experience for any workgroup.

"Do you remember that time we had that offsite meeting on that bike?"

"Oh s***, was that ever cold. Can you believe we optimized most of our work processes and got a jump on two new patents?"

"I'd have drunk antifreeze if the boss would have just let us quit pedaling and find a cup of hot chocolate."

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