Monday, January 29, 2007

Scene From Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons were over. Eryn had engaged in a very productive half hour, blowing bubbles, kicking, floating and paddling. We went into the boys' bathroom, as I'm not allowed in the girls' bathroom and, as Eryn points out every time, "No girls over 5 allowed in boys shower room", and she's under 5. Flipping on two shower nozzles, we were washing the chlorine off of us, and two little boys and their Dad took the showers on the other side of the shower room. I notice one of them starts to cross his eyes and get this very strange look on his face while the water is pelting his butt, and I worry he's having some sort of ecstatic reaction. He fools me by suddenly turning on his brother and announcing loudly, "You're peeing! My feet are getting warm!"

Yuck. I'm glad the shower slopes toward the outside walls.

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