Sunday, January 28, 2007


MNSpeak has a post up about The Prophecy Club coming to Bloomington. So I wandered out to the site to check out and see what sorts of things I should be worried about. Fortunately, I learned that there are at least 285 angles I'm safe from, prophetically speaking, provided there's no doubling up, so that's reassuring (image below). I'm not sure how those angles relate to planes - maybe advice like, "Don't ride a plane engaged in angles close to 180. For the lord has said, these angles will cause you no end of grief, for lo, I have invented gravity, and it may smite thee." Or, "An angle of 90 or 270 is grevious in mine eyes, for it may indicate thou hast consumed all the sacrificial wine and should not be operating a motor vehicle." How good is your DVD/VHS quality if you can't proofread angels in your advertising?

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