Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scary scary scary!

Puppet ladies scare the crap out of me. I hope Eryn appreciates later in life that I went to her school winter carnival and sat in the front row by the puppet lady, because she was freaking me out. When she started singing "I wish I was a bar of soap" with a soapy hand puppet in a Carol Channing voice, I thought my fight or flight might kick in.

Here, you can see her for yourself. I've spoofed her website address just so she doesn't have to feel bad that I said she scares me (if she knows how to use technorati). Her website design implies probably not, but she has her own domain, so who knows. And I don't want kids linking back to me and thinking she's scary, because they all seemed to be enthralled.


I had to sit through this one (below) for two years as well, at work. Part of my donating time to children to help them read. There was a big party each year and they brought in these puppeteers. They did more than tell puppet stories, they made me come up in front of the audience. Sorry there's no video. Christy seemed to think it was extremely funny.


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PrincessMax said...

Ack! Not only does she wear a variety of Christmas sweaters, she also has a puppet named Fred that swallows!

Your love for Eryn is overwhelming.