Thursday, January 11, 2007


Scooter, at the kids winter carnival at day care, to the mother of one of the children: "Hi, you must be E's mom. That would make you H."

H: "Hi, I am H. How did you know."

Scooter: "E introduces herself to me on the playground when I'm picking up Eryn. She says H is my mom. R is my dad."

H: "R's not her dad. R's my boss."

Scooter, looking at a loss for words and hoping what he's thinking isn't obvious, then recovering: "She did say R was a jerk."

D (H's husband): "Yeah, Uncle Rick is a jerk."


MeanMrMustard said...


klund said...

People at Eryn's daycare have stupid names.

Anonymous said...

It's like desperate housewives in Eagan! Nice.