Monday, January 08, 2007

Prince Honeycutt

That's right, I have one left. If I really felt like it, I could start doing movie review. After all, I did mention at the start of this whole thing that we finished three movies over the weekend. Instead, I'll just say that if you like screwed up, semi-violent, really weird movies, then King of the Ants is for you. You won't appreciate Norm (George Wendt) quite so much after his showing.

I discovered the other day that my company actually owns a copy of North Star, a documentary detailing the lives of influential black Minnesotans. I blogged about it once quite a while ago as I took time off work to go watch a few of the clips in Town Hall. While it's a bit embarrassing that I was interested in a book on ambient findability that was nearby (which I found by way of a book on Real World Web Services), that's how I found the DVD, and find it I did. It is wonderful. If you get a chance to watch it, do so. One of the first bits is on Prince Honeycutt of Fergus Falls, a sleepy little town home to both my dentist and Erik the Bearded Swede (of Overheard in Minneapolis fame). And he's not even the most interesting individual in the series. Lena Smith, the first black, female lawyer in Minnesota, who graduated from what became William Mitchell, is just fascinating. If you mosey around the Minnesota museums, you'll see plenty of references to the Pantages Theater, from which she was forcibly removed, and which she basically forced into integrating.

You can't have it until I'm done, unless you own a VCR. But we should be done soon.


Anonymous said...

There are two King of Ants. One deals with football and the other with an electrician. Which one?

Scooter said...

The one with George Wendt as the electrician.

Scooter said...

Looks like my link to the Swede's comment isn't valid. But I can find it... I think that was at Tall Brad's wedding.