Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year 2007

This year was Salty Pretzel, C his wife, little J and little J's not arrived yet sister's year to host New Year's. That meant that festivities were way up north of Monticello where they moved this year. Normally, that wouldn't be so bad. But last night was the night the moratorium on snow was lifted and it rained, slushed, then snowed all the way there. A drive that would normally take about 60 minutes took about 2.5+ hours instead as traffic on the interstate in many places stopped, and in others merged into a single, slow lane.

To make it really frightening, just south of St. Michael, our Focus just quit. In the middle of a snow storm. With Eryn along. No reason...just quit. I was worried we'd lost the alternator or had an electrical failure. But five minutes later (lots of room to park on the side of the interstate, fortunately), it started up and we snuck into St. Michael where we turned it on and off a few times at the Conoco just to see if we could reproduce the problem. No's a mystery. I'm hoping it's water in a fuel line.

Eventually, with only one short turn down a wrong way in Monti that earned me a very condescending look, we made it all the way to Salty Pretzel's house, so the drinking could begin.

Here's an example of what we drank. The snow made it all nice and frosty. Don't let it fool you, we also drank beer and Mad Dog 20/20. I didn't drink MD, but Dan'l, Kyle and Salty Pretzel did, particularly SP as he was out of Hold 'Em a bit early.

Here's an example of what we eat...mmmm....cheesy...with hamburger...and really hot peppers. When coupled with beer, designed to keep you constipated for at least three or four days, just so you remember the New Year's fun. There was tons of food. More than anyone could possibly eat. Ming need not worry - Cookie Queen subbed for him vis-a-vis the cooked weenies.

Most of the gang, hanging out in a break between poker hands. That is my blackberry in the foreground. I'm just like Florida Governor Jeb Bush!

Eryn and J playing with Eryn's new Leapster.

Cookie Queen and son celebrating the new year.

The host and son...this was either close to midnight or close to 2:00 a.m. The kids were up for quite a while. They were excited about the company and the toys.

I honestly can't remember why Kyle is looking at Dan'l's nipples. Although I think at this point he's talking to his mom on the phone.

This is Cookie Queen after Kyle pegged her in the side of the head with a snowball. He was a problem all night - just a violent drunk. After I tackled him outside for writing bad things on my wife's car window, just a love tap really, he tackled me back, cut my forehead, and then rubbed road salt in it. Uncalled for, if you ask me. But Cookie Queen hadn't done anything when he nailed her with the ice ball in the ear. He was just being spiteful.

Unrelated...Eryn enjoying the new snow and making a snow Eryn. There's video below that.

Snow Eryn video:

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Anonymous said...

In my own defense, I was just recreating the words you scrawled on the window of Jay's stalled Jeep a couple of years ago. I even toned it down from your "I will blank for a jump" message, placing only the previous "S--- me!" on the rear window. I was even considerate enough to wipe it off before you tackled me eh.

Oh, and the stuff I rubbed in your face was pure, clean yard snow. No road salt there... I think the sting you felt was from pre-emptively tackling me, and suffering the consequences ;)

I am very sorry if I did cut you though. On the positive side (considering your previous posts) at least it wasn't a bowling ball in the face.