Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tall Brad's Wedding

I'm a little slow, but I blame Pooteewheet as she took off with the camera yesterday. Then again, Mean Mr. Mustard has some details, and he's right, Erik's quote on Overheard in Minneapolis (although accurately, overheard in St. Paul) about the taste of onions vs. testicles was put there by me (had to do something without the camera). I apologize if you expect beautiful pictures of the wedding or the procession or the speeches at the reception. I don't have those. I do have half a dozen pictures of Christy's cleavage (by Pooteewheet, not by me). The women were having a camera fight that actually moved into the women's bathroom at one point. I'm pleased to say none of those pictures were on my camera. If you're related to Christy and you need a picture of her cleavage, please put in your email request, or maybe I'll just throw one out there some day in the far future and you'll be lucky enough to recognize it...them.

Tycho drummers before dinner.

Tall Brad's and Ms. Tall Brad's wedding was held at the history center. Pooteewheet and I got to share a table with the Klunds, the Mustards, and Erik. Our commonality was that the guys either all worked for the same company, or had worked for the same company. Quite a few company folk and ex-company folk there. Here, Klund is showing me that he is using a second knife to fix the mini-cake in the middle of the table, not the same one he used to taste it.

The Klunds spent the night in the Scooter Red Room - a nice bed and breakfast that offers a choice of banana or blueberry pancakes in the morning. There was much discussion about dental work and where exactly it hurts most if you're poked with lidocaine.

Mr. and Ms. Mustard, shunning the papparazzi. Ms. Mustard is doing that on purpose. We have pictures of her smiling, but never with Mr. Mustard in the same frame.

Squirrel and husband, sneaking out. If you read the Chilifest 2006 post (at Tall Brad's house), you'll understand why that's funny. Hmm...I notice in that post that I called Darren "Daryl" - that's not right, although I'm too lazy to fix the original post. Darren was at the wedding, actually in the party. If you read the story about the Bachelor Party, Darren was the one who took the bowling ball to the face.

Tall Brad, not with the bride.

Mary, the bride, not with the groom. I don't know why the person in the foreground is going to throw a glass of beer at her. At least it doesn't look very full.

Not a cleavage picture, but this is where Christy and Monica probably should have been cut off to spare the women in the bathroom the trauma of camera flashes going off.

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