Saturday, January 27, 2007

LissyJo's Gymnatics Shirts Suck

LissyJo's gymnastics shirts suck, Because I've never seen anything like this one (courtesy of Eryn's community ed gymnastics course). But I have seen the video of LissyJo "missing" the parallel bars in high school, and if there's something that should be YouTubed, that's it. You can sit around and watch that while drinking for hours. Encourage her to post her most embarrassing moment, because it's damn funny (because she didn't get hurt). LissyJo - you might like Stick It, but you're sticking it without a cool shirt like this one.


PTW said...

Yes! Post it! I've never seen it!

LissyJo said...

Don't even know where it is. If only our brother's fraternity wasn't shut down years ago (for selling hard drugs). It was floating around there--I actually walked in on a guy i didn't even know watching it over and over again...High as a kite, i might add.