Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Position of the Day

My sister in law was very considerate this year and got me a copy of the Position of the Day Playbook (along with a quart of corn whiskey my nephew picked out). I assume the positions detailed wrap every 365, so we can assume December 26 this year and next year are the same. After all, if I'm expected to have sex 365 times a year, you can't very well expect me to wait a week until the new year starts.

Tall Brad should be very excited for me as today's position is "The Tripod". Calories expended by "her (one-legged)" 72. Calories expended by "her (two-legged)" 55. That's not two alternatives on the same position - there's just no man involved except maybe for watching to make sure I can put an x on the day in the book.

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