Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Extensive Christmas Blogging

The Scooter family spent three days Christmasing. One day with Kyle, celebrating and drinking at the Scooter house, post Eryn's bedroom cleaning. One day with Scooter's side of the family in St. Paul. And one day with Pooteewheet's side of the family in the northern burbs. There are enough pictures to fill the first hard drive I ever owned, so I'm not going to post all of them, just a smattering. If you're family and you need more, we can send you a CD. Photos at the top...some movies at the bottom. The Easter Egg is the movie at the bottom entitled wrong...it's less Christmasy, and more in line with that last post about 365 positions...

The Scooter family portrait...

Pooteewheet's side hanging with St. Nick. Eryn thanked him for the Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD and Buckaroo.

Eryn thanking Santa - this is the first time she's been willing to sit on his lap. His Buckaroo bribery worked well.

This is Buckaroo. You hang all your prospectin gear from the mule, and at some point it gets too heavy and he throws it all off. I'm convinced it's a drinking game - after all, the more coordination you lose, the more often he bucks, the more often you drink. I'm pretty sure it needs to make the trip to New Year's.

Eryn and Rose play the Monkey Game. This takes too long to be a viable drinking game, unless you have a drink for every monkey you crash or something, and that would be too short of a drinking game. I like to hang the monkeys and spin them until they fly off, just like we'd fly off the earth if it was really spinning like some crazies would have us believe.

Great Grandma Nomi opens a gift.

This is what a couple that gets pregnant for Christmas looks like. Announcing it didn't get them any pre-kid Christmas presents. I think they're checking the stick again in this picture...just to be sure.

Artie loves his new horse. Fortunately, you have to cross it with a burro or something to get a Buckaroo, so he's safe.

Max loves his big truck. We bought him that after quite a bit of discussion about whether my sister-in-law would be able to find space in her house for it. We eventually decided we didn't care whether she could or could not, he still needed the truck. His favorite present was a Cookie Monster flash light. I have video that's simply me talking in the dark while every now and then a flashlight is turned on me. It'd probably be scary if it were the real Cookie Monster.

Eryn pondering whether she gets Artie's inheritance and/or horse if he just "disappears".

Krista and my niece Sofie...

My niece with her new plastic helicopter. It comes with a universal wrench, Doctor Who style.

Little bit of family poker...all in! Shortly after this my aunt-in-law was reduced to drinking with my father-in-law at the losers' table.

Eryn is ecstatic about her new housecoat from Mom and Dad. She'd wear it to bed if she could.

Spock...there's a....balloon....on my head. Spock...I said...there's a...balloon...on...my...head.

Don't know what LissyJo is making here...but it's questionable. She is a nurse, so maybe it's for medical modeling purposes.

My brother likes to make balloon things too. This is some sort of weird sexual give and receive thing.


Eryn, Christmas Morning. Don't watch the whole thing, it's pretty long. But if you sit through 4 full minutes, you can appreciate the "What the hell!?" at the end and Pooteewheet trying to correct her to say "What the heck." In her defense, we did tell her it was o.k. to be a little more liberal with her language at home.

It's a tradition in our family that everyone take off their shoes and socks and we immediately donate them to a less fortunate family. Makes it difficult to get home, even in a mild December, but sometimes charity makes demands.

Eryn embraces the holiday by performing her version of The Little Drummer Girl.

And the piece for which I have resistance...my daughter, wife and mother engaging in what can only be described as wildly inappropriate balloon behavior. Nightmare material for the next year.


LissyJo said...

Dude. I live in so mpls, not st paul. Unless you went to a different scooter-side-of-the-family xmas celebration after ours. Perhaps it was wtih your older brother, mark.

PTW said...

Dude. It's not my fault your mother is a pervert.