Friday, September 15, 2006

The Menstruation Bureau or Alberto Gonzales and Your Vagina

PZ Meyers has a very funny YouTube post up about "Your Vagina: Gateway to Information". I knew Gonzales was worried about your hoo hoo, I just didn't realize he micromanaged quite so carefully.

Congratulations to Mean Mr. Mustard. He knows what for and whether they're really due. Or maybe he doesn't...not yet. But by Monday.

I watched a video on Red Gate's ANTS Profiler (tm) today. Memory profiling in itself isn't naturally funny, but when they got to the part in the video about their "powerful griding technology", I snorted a serious geek/programmer snort. It's a grid. They've f-ing been around since the early days of VB (at least). Albeit, the grids in .NET 1.1 were seriously weak, but if that's your point of comparison,you're not aiming very high. And it's still an f-ing grid.

I learned the phrase "zone the disk" today. Sounds like "tripping the rift/wave" or maybe "riding the lightning". It certainly sounds like it could have multiple meanings:

  • Scooter, what were you doing today when you disappeared for an hour?

  • Me? Oh, I was zoning the disk.

  • You mean you have a SAN upgrade in your pants?

  • What? No...I'm just happy to see you.
Finally, in the geek trifecta, I learned today that servers, just like people, need Sharpie (tm) marker X's on them so someone doesn't remove the wrong kidney, operate on the wrong knee, or pull the plug on the wrong person. Poor bastard.

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