Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hot Asian Rubs Big Blue Porpoise!

Well, to be specific, she was (of) Korean (ancestry), but She Says might not have read further if I'd have been that specific, and my sister would have just gotten a big(ger) head. And, I guess it was more like a dolphin, but then my porpoise audience might not have been interested. I am in NO way comparing Koreans to porpoises, or Asians to dolphins. I'd like to make that absolutely clear. Though I do think all of them that were at the Skyland kids' park might have benefitted from a big bottle of slippery baby oil. Not saying I was picturing it. Just saying...

What mostly confused me was that she was there with two little curly haired, blonde, pasty children who looked very much like the guy that was with her, who seemed to be her boyfriend or husband. I'm hoping that they were the result of a previous mating experience on his part, as there is absolutely no point in dating/mating with an extremely attractive, dolphin-rubbing, should be oiled up, woman of Korean ancestry unless some of that hotness sticks to the children. I thank genetics almost every day that Eryn picked up a little bit of my Native American ancestors' skin tone, because Pooteewheet brought absolutely no pigment to the equation.

I bet "Hot Asian" plus "oiled" drives my traffic up almost as much as cuckold fetishicist. Won't they all be disappointed at the lack of pictures.

Steve's sand pile is still in the street after three days. The Boss (a co-worker) wondered at lunch today how people manage a pile of dirt in the street in the dark if they have any speed at all. That's a hell of a question and perhaps explains some of the flatness the kitty litter pile has undergone, because they certainly don't seem to be taking the dirt toward the landscaping in the back yard.

Crooks And Liars has a Daily Show clip up where they discuss the use of the question mark on news shows. Funny stuff.

And Eryn made me a cookie yesterday. It was actually for Pooteewheet and me, and we didn't have to share with her, because she made herself one all covered with frosting that was gone before I even picked her up from daycare. I was in charge of the arm and leg - I felt like the bad Duke in Shrek.


PTW said...

Hey! In resent that! I have pigment. It's just all pinkish and sickly looking.

LissyJo said...

"...some of that hotness sticks to the children."

You're in trouble, man. You thought you'd drive traffic up with "hot oily asian chick" searches.