Sunday, September 10, 2006

Erin Murphy

One of my old bosses from my nursing days is running for Minnesota SD64. I was never a nurse myself - I just have nurses in my family, and for a while I did their database work, Word Perfect work, printer wrangling, newsletter writing, general cleaning, food preparation and bulk mailing (among other things). It was only last weekend that I moved the old Third District Nurses (Erin is Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association, their parent association) board room table from my kitchen to the garage.

I was helping Dan'l and Cookie Queen with their computer yesterday when Erin's canvassing team stopped by. Cookie Queen said, "Hey, didn't you used to work with her?" And indeed I had. You can find her political stance on health care, women, seniors, and the environment (among other things) here. It was amusing to see her signs everywhere on the way to the Bike Classic ride today (which rolled through SD64).

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