Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yesterday, on the way back from Cookie Queen's house (where a very happy Dan'l relished in the annoying sawmills that came with Heroes of Might and Magic V I gifted to him), Barry Manilow came on the radio, singing Copa Cabanna. Eryn asked why there was "wavering" in the song. I explained that that was sort of a "thing" with music in the past, as were big endings, and that they had since sort of gone away. I elaborated that music tastes changed from era to era, and that rap and grunge (and emo) weren't even really around when I was a kid, but that the styles that were around tended to maintain an audience of adults as it made them remember the passion they had when they were kids. Some of those styles included Barry Manilow, 80's music, and disco, which no one likes anymore.

"Except mommy. Mommy likes disco."

Sigh..."Yes, Eryn, Mommy really likes disco."

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Bryan Anthony the First said...

love disco too...

brye here