Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Funniest thing I overheard in the suite at the Twins game tonight (we lost 3-4 vs. the Royals if you're concerned): VP/Chief Architect pulls out his old Blackberry-esque machine, demonstraing, somewhat proudly, the size and ancientness of the technology he's saddled with. Co-worker next to him, "My, you're just like Paris Hilton."

On the way home on the transit system there was an advertisement for That's just a fun domain to own if you're a lawyer. And she has a spunky logo. I like it that I can get a family law question answered for $39.95. I think that makes more sense than group legal through work, as I pay for group legal (if I so choose) whether I have a question during the year or not. Maybe this is the sort of service She Says should be providing while she's unemployed. Might not pay the rent, but it could foot the bill for some online shopping.

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She says said...

LOL... you know me well.

It's a thought. I'll have to check it out!