Monday, July 10, 2006

This Post Brought to You By the Letter "A"

On the way to work this morning, at the park on the corner of Cliff where I turn, there was a giant (about 8' feet tall), red, metal letter "A" on a small trailer. I felt like I was literally in a Sesame Street episode where you just see letters sitting around, or actually hiding behind things as though they're ready to pounce.

Then again, maybe it was a sign from A'tuin the great turtle stating, "You're an idiot, asshole." As he knew full well I was going to leave my headlights on in the parking lot at work, forcing my wife to come get me and take me home without a jump so I could wait for the renter with the late rent who never showed up. Later she took me back past the library I was supposed to go to on the way home and the bank I was supposed to go to on the way home before finally hitting work again for a long overdue jump...electrical, with jumper cables, ya pervs...the company lot has high res zoomable lot cams. You only mess around in the lot if you want your wife/girlfriend (or both!) to end up on Company Girls Gone Wild.


klund said...

What good is this post without a picture?

Scooter said...

I realized that w/o a picture it wasn't the same, but I'm not a camera phone guy, and that limits how often I'm hauling a digital around with me. Sometimes, with my blog, you have to use your imagination. Call it anti-Tubing or something.