Sunday, July 09, 2006

Four Things

Three things I didn't like:

1.) Mallard Fillmore - I'd never read a strip before, and I didn't understand the reference in Jon Stewart's America. Now I understand the reference, and fail to understand why anyone would parody i t- it's stupid, it's not worth the time to parody. I paraphrase: "Look at the feminists, they're so ugly they don't look like women." Look at the cartoonist, he's so un-witty he's not even worth calling an f-tard.

2.) The Bodyworlds exhibit at the Science Museum. I was bored. Really really bored. And I didn't like the movie, it was boring. Pooteewheet disagrees with me, so to spite her, I won't even link to her blog for once. I think seeing them via Boing Boing way back when was enough for me. I did find the diseased organs interesting, but only in order to verify what my liver will look like in a dozen years.

3.) The local park disappearing. I wasn't there when Pooteewheet took Eryn to the park only to discover a large pile of dirt. It was pretty much the equivalent of ripping your kid's playset out of the back yard and leaving him/her a pile of dirt. It did not go over well at all. Eryn cried and cried. After her nap, she rubbed one eye and announced, "I'm just getting rid of a tear from when I cried about the orange park." Pooteewheet has promised to call the city for her to see if a replacement is going in.

One thing I liked:
1.) Adam Carolla dissing Ann Coulter (MP3 available at Crooks and Liars if you feel like listening).

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LissyJo said...

That is very tragic re: the park. I can only imagine...the park has become an integral part of Baby's happiness at this point.

As far as bodyworlds---Boring?? You're strange if you thought it was boring. "Interesting," "gross," and "creative" are the only acceptable responses.