Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fluke, Or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

I like Christopher Moore, although sometimes his characters get a little flippant and thus less like characters and more like caricatures as he tries to wrap up his endings. Fluke brought out the worst of that habit as far as I was concerned. And, although I enjoyed it (I like his writing, so that cuts a lot of slack), I have to admit that when I was all done, I was left with the dreadful impression that I'd already read the book. Where....when....oh yeah...I saw Phantoms with Ben Affleck, it was the bomb (so saith Jay of Jay and Silent Bob)!

Bottom line Fluke = Phantoms - 4% on RottenTomatoes (0% cream of the crop), staring Rose McGowan, Ben Affleck and Peter O'Toole Phantoms - it just happens that the creature involved is benevolent in Moore's case (and nicely ensconced in some decent writing), whereas the Phantoms creature is malevolent. Fluke is worth reading, but if you're a crappy horror movie addict like myself and you've seen Phantoms, it's probably going to ruin it for you.

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klund said...

Comparing a Christopher Moore book to a Ben Affleck movie? Yikes. Fluke was my least favorite Moore book, but I still gave it 76.