Friday, July 21, 2006

End o' the Week

I don't think it was exactly the good week. My name made it to the desk of the CTO of a multi-billion dollar company, twice. One of them was a nice write up about my relation to my department for the company newsletter. Unfortunately, it came only several hours after the escalation of an issue all the way to the same desk that wasn't quite so complimentary. Win some, lose some, eh?

So, clean up has been a long haul and eating up quite a bit of my time. Rather than bore you with gritty details, enjoy this beer commercial.


Anonymous said...

1) I want to hear about the details of both times your name made it up to the CTO!

2) Yet another reason to stay out of Europe... : )

Scooter said...'s enough to know it happened - I keep details about work off my blog unless you want to hear long stories about how to code something appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Doh! I forgot to leave my email: