Sunday, July 23, 2006


We went to my parents' cabin for a day this weekend. We have a bad history with the cabin - wasp stings, flooded basements, broken water heaters. This time was a little better because we got to use the boat, but it started out with my nephew chucking a rock at the side of Eryn's head so hard you could no doubt hear the clunk from the cabin, leaving a ping pong ball sized bump on the side of her head.

Here she is with her concussion in the boat, slowly slumping into her life jacket. I'm pretty sure she thinks the padding in the life jacket will protect her from projectiles.

And here she is after the concussion is fully in effect and she has passed out while driving us around the lake. She hit a few waterskis, but they were drunk, so they couldn't complain.

And here she is with her concussion after we moved her to the boat seat, slowly sublimating. We put a towel over her after a few minutes so she wouldn't smell like a rare steak. We're good parents that way.

She's much better now, though the spooky man knock knock joke may be a direct consequence of brain damage.

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Unknown said...

Those pictures are too hilarious! Classic! Why do kids do such things?

BTW...your comment verification asked me to type:


I can only think that this is hatred toward women who fiz?