Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Small Collection

of Sunday links. Pooteewheet and I were supposed to be able to go to the body exhibit at the Science Museum, but we got there and there was a 4 hour wait, so I don't have a good story, just some good links.

Like your lower taxes in Minnesota? They'll buy significantly less than you thought as Minnesota slides to 44th in the nation in terms of economic growth.

Planet Dan has a link to a picture of a local park that, when viewed from above, doesn't look suspiciously like a giant looks exactly like a giant penis.

Out of the Jungle cites a rumor that one of the big law providers, the one that starts with L, may be proactively calling customers who exhibit suspicious behavior, like reading the NYT online.

And PrawfsBlog links to Joint Strike Weasel, where a U of Minnesota student ponders Civil Rights for (X-Men) Mutants.


MeanMrMustard said...

I don't know. In a real aerial photo, Penis Park isn't so much penis-like as it is park-like.

PTW said...

Methinks MMM is just threatened by penis-like things.