Monday, June 12, 2006

Holy Fainting Skyway Denizens Scooterman!

Eryn has been laying around since I got home pretty much saying, "I want to go to sleep" and playing her new harmonica with a blues-y tune. She's sick, and she's got the toddler blues. As a matter of fact, it's drifting up from downstairs through the baby monitor right now.

My big excitement for the day was being on the company skyway as a woman started to crumple. Whether from exhaustion or sickness, I'm not sure and, fortunately, she had a companion with her to stop her from banging her head against the walls and glass. I stood there for a second while someone noted that perhaps someone should call the company extension for 911, before I announced that it was easier to just go to the guards' desk (eyes still open, obviously not dying in the immediate future) and sprinted through the skyway, through the hallway and then bounded down the stairs (took me under a minute, I think). I popped my head into the guards' office and announced, "a woman just passed out on the skyway and needs medical attention."

One guard looked at the other, "You going?" The other replied, "No, you are." The first one harumphed a little and dug out the oxygen and emergency radio and took off. By the time I got back from getting my paperwork and coffee that Pooteewheet was delivering, they had her in a wheel chair and were determining the next course of action.

Not really a superhero story or anything, but I was seen running in the halls at work and that will probably cost me a promotion if an executive saw it, so it wasn't without peril.


Joe said...

Nah, running in the hall is always good and always impressive. It makes you seem very important.

Anonymous said...

Nice response from the security guards. I'm sure it made you feel REALLY confident that should you ever need them, they'd be right there, passionate about helping you through a medical emergency.

Anonymous said...

But were you dressed like this guy? hero

Anonymous said...

I saw somebody collapse in the D-cafeteria that day, too. She had a Red Cross sticker on her lapel. I'm thinking the Bloodmobile people were being a little overenthusiastic this time around.