Monday, June 05, 2006

The Plan B Sex Cult

13 hours of work doesn't leave much time for other things, so I thought I'd just link to a few posts designed to piss off my sister.

First of all, per MNObserver at Yowling From the Fencepost (dang...I haven't linked to you a while, MNOB)...she sumarizes about the resistance to the new HPV vaccine:
"I'd rather she be dead at an early age from a painful horrific and preventable disease than engage in sex that sure I had at her age but now Reverend Dobson says is evil"

As MNOB notes: "They'll lose the control of the genitals of millions of young people"! Damn it, I have problems maintaining control of my own, and Pooteewheet's refuses to take orders.

And, as a secondary source of fun, Pharyngula details the Plan B Sex Cult that will soon engulf our children!
…the FDA released an internal memo showing that one high-ranking FDA official
was sincerely worried about adolescents forming "sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B." Seriously.

What conservatives don't acgtually know is that we put Plan B under our daughters' pillows in exchange for their teeth when they're children so they have it later when they want it. There's no need for a cult, they just get a visit from the Plan B Fairy. Makes about as much sense.

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