Saturday, June 03, 2006


When all the other beer in my house (except the Miller High Life I keep for Dan'l) was consumed, this was one of the few that was left: He'Brew, The Chosen Beer (Genesis Ale style). I was paranoid about how it would taste, assuming that the gimmick would mean it might have a taste akin to an unwashed rabbi's old socks. I was pleasantly shocked to find it was significantly better than average, better than most of the random single beers I've been trying from Blue Max, and just really good as a brown ale, which isn't my favorite kind of beer (usually a little boring by my tastes - not hoppy enough and I have a bad association with the first beer I tried to brew, which was a brown ale, and which developed a strange case of ropey moss inside it after a while...ick. All the beer books say that nothing that can grow in beer can kill you, but it can look like it, and it can taste like it can).

I noticed while I was at Blue Max that they have two kinds of He'Brew, so I'm now looking forward to trying the second. L'chaim!

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