Monday, June 12, 2006


I think this response to a Pioneer Press reader upset about bikes on his road is one of the most exceptional deconstructive exercises ever applied to a letter to the editor. Thank you, Smithers Minneapolis - I'm particularly enamored of #6.) "Tempers flare up? Take it easy dude. I’m sure your kids won’t mind you being a bit late for their evening beating."


MNObserver said...

Scooter, I was one of those stuck in that traffic last year for this event. I got mad. Really mad. Call-the-Mayor's-office-and-scream mad. I had kids stuck waiting for me at locations where they shouldn't have to wait for very long. There was no warning that the road was going to be closed. There was no attempt to detour auto traffic off of the road. Indeed, when a train came along and entered the scene, chaos became a term far too tame to paint the picture.

And no, it wasn't a huge gigantic race -- I was able to count only several dozen riders in the hour I spent stuck in traffic for two miles. Several dozen riders holding thousands of people with normal jobs hostage in killer traffic during the height of rush hour.

When I complained, one smart aleck suggested that I ride my bike to work, but that was a stupid suggestion, because BICYCLE COMMUTERS COULDN'T USE THE ROAD EITHER because of these spandex-clad riders. Of course, the smart aleck had no answer when I asked about what to do with the people I car pool with.

Bottom line: I have to disagree with you. Holding a bicycle race on a busy commuter route during rush hour is a stupid move.

pete said...

I read it last night and I thought it was great. I can't wait for the NVGP starting tomorrow! It is one of the biggest races in the US and is drawing a lot of the big teams. Only 2 local teams are in it. Go bikes!

LissyJo said...

Good lord--It's ok, don't let your tempers flare up. I mean, mr/ms. maclennan was warned about the ride--apparently you should have paid some attention. Granted: I'd be angry if i were stuck in traffic for hours, but this is what we deal with living in one of the most active cities in the country. We need to support such events! I mean, people getting excited about exercise?? Doesn't happen much in this country.

Added: as a bicycle commuter myself, living next to an often closed road due to such races (or "runs"), i ride with 'em--i'm sure other commuters were not harmed in the hosting of this race.

pete said...

Just an FYI, I was down there last night, not too many people in cars looked upset and no one was protesting. It went really well.