Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend - Hammock Edition

There's just not too much to discuss when, for the fourth weekend in a row (could be the fifth, I'm losing count), I can sum up 95% of what I did as: took a bike ride and worked on the duplex. I could expound: a 41 mile ride starting at the Har Mar Mall (oof...really pushing it on the Mt. Bike - but a few well-placed trains gave me some rest) or ripped up carpet, painted ceilings and painted another shed wall - but that all seems not very exciting. I do have 125 bike club miles (391 outside miles total - 32.5 hours)! That's 1/8 the way to recognition as a 1,000 mile a year rider. So, um....7 more months and 2800 more non-club miles and I'll be there - that'll be about December if I stay on track. Yeah...I think I'll need to do a few extra rides to cut some of those winter months off the list.

We did get some fun in (in addition to my ride). Eryn ditched us for The Hedge with Boppa and Manna while we worked. On Saturday Kyle, Cookie Queen, Dan'l and P'mon all came over for grilling and bocce ball (a threepeat for me...which I mention solely to annoy Dan'l). And Eryn and I broke out the hammock - always a serious threat to my biking. I should also mention that Pooteewheet got me some damn nice Oakleys so that I don't burn out my retinas by the end of the biking season - sorry I'm not stylin' them in the photo.

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