Monday, May 01, 2006

Beer and Howl

Kyle finally made it to Blue Max Liquor with me where he seemed a little astounded that so many beer choices fit into such a small store (1100 beer choices, 200 scotch choices). He picked up some bock and a big bottle of mead (and a few singles), and I picked up some dopplebock, alcoholic ginger ale, and some singles. We swapped a few of each, and this is what I drank over the weekend (pictured).

Quick run down: Hot Shot by Great Divide - ok, but not exciting. Victory St. Victorious Dopplebock - delicious and clean enough that you don't realize how much alcohol you've had. Victory St. Boisterous Hellebock (a maibock - light color whereas dopplebocks are dark) - also delicious and clean, but with the spring flavor of a mailbock. Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale - needed more ginger - quite a bit more. I could taste it, but I really had to let it warm up to get the ginger taste, and I think I would have preferred more so that it got a bit of that hot bite to it.

Of course the real coup is that Christy found a copy of the Jones soda bottle with Eryn's picture on it, but I'll let Pooteewheet blog about that.

And this is just for stupidity's sake. If you've seen Howl's Moving Castle (anime), then you might recognize, very fuzzy, Heen the dog and Howl, complete with Calcifer fire demon heart. And no, I'm not some damn fanboy making play-dough claymation flicks in my kitchen. Eryn loves the movie so, during enforced play-dough time (on me, not her), I decided to pursue a theme. When I got to the green blob men and the Witch of the Waste, Eryn stopped me, unnerved at my ability to exactly reproduce the feel of the movie in clay. She shut down play-dough time in an effort to distract me from my goal to accurately render evil. Perhaps she was afraid I'd scribble אמת (truth) on a forehead or two.

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