Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Think I Ate (Part of) a Worm

It was the day of the Minnesota Ironman. Not that swim, bike, run thing most people think of - the Minnesota Ironman is just a lot of biking before spring officially makes itself known. Past years have involved sub-zero (F) temperatures during the morning and a little bit of dribbing rain or even snow. This year, it rained. It's been raining for three days in Minnesota, and it rained all through the Ironman 2006. Every square foot of the roads and trails is covered with drowning worms, and many of them on the Ironman route had been prechopped by the riders before me (I went a little late this year - not until about 7:30-8, and yet I still managed to park closer than I have ever parked before). End result, by mile 8 I was drenched, and covered in worm bits. At the rest stop I was able to have a warm cup of coffee, half a muffin, wring out my gloves and pick worm bits off of my bike. Eryn and I spent quite a bit of team washing my bike down when I got home just to make sure all the dirt and bits were off.

I had really wanted to do the 60 mile version this year, and I think if the weather had been the same as last year, I would have. But when I got there and it was (still) raining and I noted that my gear was water resistant, not water proof, I took the wiser course of action. I am no longer 20-something. Weird sighting - I think I saw the guy who stopped by our duplex yesterday to see about renting the open half. Can't be sure as he was far away, but that would be strange.

I'd do it again - the weather, if there hadn't been rain, would have been great. It was in the upper 40s and the part of the ride that's normally flag-snapping windy was the least windy part of the ride (though for a 30 miler, there's a lot of uphill). Seeing as it comes at the end of the ride, it was a pleasant change of pace. And, and...I got a free Summit beer! Not an actual one, mind you, though that would have been best, but a coupon for a free Summit in St. Paul. That should serve to wash away the taste of the worm bit that I think was on my water bottle.

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