Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Legal Marriages, Only Spiritual Ones

This is cool - I wish the Lyndale United Church of Christ would have been around when I was in my churchin' phase around age sixteen - they sound like my kind of people.

"I will no longer sign marriage licenses. Opposite gender couples will have to go to the judge at city hall to have them signed," said Pastor Don Portwood from the Lyndale United Church of Christ.

Members of the 120 year old church in South Minneapolis voted unanimously to support the move. "We have decided that we are no longer going to discriminate against same gender couples, that we will only do religious weddings and religious ceremonies for same gender or opposite gender couples."

This, on the other hand, is not cool: "If you like sushi, you're supporting the world's biggest religious cult." Rew is right, the Wege should be cursed - not for ruining something trendy, just for ruining a little bit of something that's freaking delicious. I look forward to Rew's right up of the best places to eat sushi in the Twin Cities (and Chicago, and NY) that are not funneling money to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I find it particularly disturbing that I went to Chicago solely to eat nothing sacred? Ah...weddings at the Lyndale United Church of Christ are...hmm...wonder if they have a Moon-less sushi potluck?

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