Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Am Not Kewl Enough for MySpace

Although I've often railed that I'm not young enough, nor hip enough, to have a MySpace account, particularly given the 20-some year old coffee barristas get excited when I mention it, I actually had need of an account a few days ago because I wanted to see some pictures an artist had posted on their account. So I followed their link to create a free account and decided I should actually check what sort of terms I was agreeing to with my content, even though I had no imperative or desire to expand my web presence further afield.

The terms seemed tenuous at best.

So, at least if they're not willing to give me terms, they're willing to keep my access somewhat private...right?

But...being of a generation and general computer-related persuasion that I just don't care too much about terms and privacy statements, I thought I'd just sign up anyway. After all, there's the weight of millions of users behind the site - the terms can't be so rough as to cost me my child or a tithe off my salary. That's when I learned that what they were really implying was that I'm not cool enough for MySpace. Several attempts to enter my information resulted in just being pushed back to the registration screen with some of my data cleared, the "share your birthday" checkbox rechecked, and an error message that told me absolutely nothing about how to resolve my issue. I think it was all a big joke. They saw the "human interactive proofs" shortcut (top picture) in my links bar and decided they'd make me reenter one half a dozen times. Sounds like a twenty year old's sense of humor.

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