Sunday, April 02, 2006

Law Related - Duke and 3L Epiphany's Taxonomy of Law Blogs

First of all, this story about a rape at Duke is really disturbing, particularly because it's not just about the rape but about all sorts of class and racial issues swirling around the crime. It reads like something out of the accounts about lynchings and I imagine that's exactly what it might have been at another point in history. Not that white men were ever lynched for raping black women, sexual ownership is part of what lynching was meant to protect, but because the community unrest spiraling outward from white/black crime used to be a signifier that a lynching was going to happen to offset other pressures in the community. A very nice write up by Allen G. Breed of the AP.

Secondly, Paul Caron at TaxProf Blog has a post up linking to 3L Epiphany's taxonomy of law blogs. 600 law blogs broken down by various categories. Cool. I used to maintain cycling links for our local group, and the process of maintaining a database, multiple categories and the validity of links is painful, so it's great to see someone tackling it with any category of blogs, and law blogs are a rich source of content. However, in this age of wikis and shared links, it always seems like it would work better if it were a system multiple users could help to maintain, otherwise it has a hard time defying blog block, missed sites (and there are many missing on that list), and ennui unless he figures out a way to make money off of it. Note to some lawyers I know that Minnesota State Law is completely unrepresented in the taxonomy - then again, maybe that's conflict of interest for the lawyers I know - forget I said anything.

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