Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Confusing Song Lyrics

Eryn called Dan'l today to tell him she'd learned a new word/phrase:

Eryn: ...hard to understand
Dan'l: "You're a tiny kisser?"
Eryn: ...hard to understand
Dan'l: "Tiny kisser?"
Me: "She said 'Titty Twister!'"
Eryn: "Titty twister! Titty twister! Titty twister!"

So very very different than "tiny kisser". Mostly this is good news because Dan'l once attacked me in the front yard of my duplex in Richfield, all because he lost two out of three games in a heated match of bocce ball and failed to procure the coveted Matchbox Airplane of Victory. I retaliated, and the neighbors were treated to what seemed like an hour or so of two grown men trying to rip each other's nipples off in the grass. I suffered what can only be described as second degree bruises, and Katie chastised me the next day for making Dan's nipples bleed. The way I see it, he lost the trophy and a nipple or two...that's just part of the competition. But next time, it'll be two on one. Conner just isn't a factor, the minute someone pinches his nipple, he'll be all, "Scary! scary!" and head for the hills.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about tiny dancer, as in "Hold me closer, tiny dancer," a'la Elton John?

Hopefully you haven't clued Eryn in to the specifics of the titty twister. If so I'm going to laugh heartily when I hear the likely (future) story of your daughter giving some unsuspecting fellow kindergartner a titty twister. That'll be an amusing one to explain to her instructor when the parent/teacher conference takes place :)

"Well you see, my friend Dan once attacked me after a game of bocce ball...."

MeanMrMustard said...

I'm so glad I won't be playing bocce ball with you at the App Tech summer picnic this year.

Scooter said...

Are you afraid you'll blow a knee, mmm?

Scooter said...

I guess it wouldn't really suprise me if Dan'l's first conclusion was to jump to the lyrics of a Cher or Elton John song, Kyle.

PTW said...

He did, in fact, explain the specifics. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

All Dan has to do is say - Look Eryn, it's Shrek! and she'll be completely distracted.

One maniac child at Conner's daycare did in fact attempt to give him a titty twister in front of me (only time I have been so angry I wanted to shake another person's child!) and my poor kid just stood there in shock. Dan tells me he did start fighting back until 5th or 6th grade - whenever he and Mark McConnon got into it!