Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tommorrow, I May Unannoint Mr. Mustard's Cubicle

The new Intelligence Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center arrived in my email box today and it contains a number of informative articles regarding gay-basher Paul Cameron, applying Old Testament law to the U.S., and anti-immigration activists. But my favorite article is once again The Last Word, this time titled "A Hard Rain" about Pete Peters and his "Scriptures for America Christian Weekend". Mean Mr. Mustard will no doubt be disturbed to learn the truth about Bob Dylan's Faustian dealings:
There are "serpents" among us, he warned darkly, bent on wiping out the white man (he illustrated this by reminding his listeners of The Ventures' 1960s hit "Wipeout"). The end-times are coming (this preceded by a recording of "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan, who, as Peters explained, had cut a deal with Satan).

This, in itself, is just an aside to the real issue - that Masons have performed evil rituals over the cornerstones of most public buildings, and the only way to fix it is to buy un-annointing oil from Peters.

Enter Peters' oil. Take a vial of the "sacred oil," travel to a government building near you, read the prescribed "Prayer for the Anointing and Un-Anointing Oil," and before long the whole legal apparatus will come crashing down.

Apparently, they're being very diligent...

If you believe the list, hundreds of buildings in 44 states have been anointed and prayed over by Peters' oily followers.
The rest of the article is your average, bigoted, insane rant about Jews and Asians, the sort of thing that gets you dropped into the book "Kooks"...or ordained.

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