Friday, January 06, 2006

Surly Brewing

MNSpeak had a link to the new brewery in Minnesota, Surly Brewing, as well as commentary about whether their name is overkill given Surly bikes. I know I'll try some if it makes it to the Cellars or one of my other local beer stores, but I can't imagine it will ever replace Summit as my beer of choice. I have had many, many beers, and enjoyed quite a few of them - heck, I've brewed several thousand of my own and currently have a kit sitting downstairs (the Surly guys are homebrew guys going upscale). But when I have to find a stock of beer for my basement fridge, I always find myself resorting to Summit EPA and whatever their current seasonal happens to be (Winter Ale at the moment) - there's just nothing quite so good. It's a competitive market between Summit and Schell's (Summit focuses on their strength, absolutely kick ass beer. Schell's focuses on their strength, brewing everything under the sun for anyone who wants to contract a batch), so I'm wondering if Surly will find a place - after all, James Page didn't.

If the Wege whines about Bell's Two Hearted, well, I have to admit, that's actually a shade tastier as an ale than Summit, but Summit is a good $6 cheaper per 12 pack most of the time, on tap in more locations locally, and it's a Minnesota beer. Summit has local specials, gives away free glasses with the beer, gives their employees company stock, sends an employee team to RAGBRAI (the across Iowa bike ride) with beer, they give volunteers the "bad" beer with the misplaced labels...honestly, that's just good community spirit and love for your employees. It almost makes my bottle cap does.

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