Friday, January 06, 2006

All Canada Show

Today through the 8th, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, you will be able to attend the All Canada Show, which highlights the glory, the beauty, and the attractions of our neighbor to the north. As you might assume, any convention highlighting Canadian tourism that's designed to appeal to those of us in the U.S. has to feature a bit of content dealing with hunting. After all, it's not enough to export violence to Toronto, as their mayor claims we're doing, but we need to go there and kill things ourselves. This is where what one is likely to see at the All Canada show diverges wildly from anything I possibly care about. For instance:

Sam Hunter - polar bear guide, tells us about the Hudson Bay area and his job as a polar bear guide. I saw the episode of Survivorman they filmed in the Hudson Bay area. That's enough. I just never need to meet a polar bear outside a zoo.

Locked at Lac Seul - presented by Cabela's. "This exhibit is a first of its kind. The display consists of two life-sized trophy moose with horns locked in a 'duel to the death.'"..."It has taken more than a year from concept to completion of project."

Someone spent a year of their life mocking up two dead moose fighting each other? I simply do not see the attraction. They're dead. They weren't locked in combat before death, they've been posed that way. And they are in distinct opposition to Sam Hunter. Sam wants to show you live polar bears in the wild, not tame ones in a zoo, or dead ones that are stuffed. These are moose denuded of all their wildness - I got a bigger thrill watching Survivorman hide from a moose in a lake.

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