Sunday, January 01, 2006

Cycling Links

I think my resolution for 2006 is not to be sick. I am fully put out over being ill. I was ill after my trip to Arizona, and starting Thursday I was ill again and am still ill, but this time with the flu not some bacterium. Hacking, fever, chills, sweating, steam baths to relieve sinuses on top of several kinds of various sinus/flu drugs, headache, aching joints and back, all so bad that I only had two hours of sleep on Thursday and Friday, all while trying to go through the motions of acting normally on a long weekend. As for any resolutions about riding my trainer more...right out the damn window until I can breathe enough not to be dizzy and winded just sitting still.

So, if I can't bike, I bring you a few biking links:


Anonymous said...

Maybe next year you'll get a flu shot! Call your pediatrician to see if you can still get one for your kid - she's probably bringing home all sorts of fun things now.

Scooter said...

No one said you were crazy. You just think differently than sane people.

LissyJo said...

Thanks for the cycling links. Great article in the Pulse! I find my lobster gloves especially good for nose wiping myself. And i am *very* excited about midtown greenery opening up by our house. Lots of options for riding near my house.

ps. I'm not crazy.