Monday, January 02, 2006

Best and Worst Songs 2005

Hell no, I don't have my own list - but I have links to other lists for 2005, and after posting a link to the top 50 videos, I thought this was appropriate. Something to enjoy on a rainy Minnesota January morning (it's sort of like the new year just decided to pee on us).

  • City Pages Culture to Go, KMOJ's Best of 2005 - I've heard of the artists, but not most of the songs (except that Jamie Foxx and Kanye West thing).
  • City Pages Culture to Go, Worst of 2005 - I agree about "My Humps" - that is soooo painful. And anything by the Pussycat Dolls is stomach churning.
  • Planet Dan's 2005 Favorites - apparently he's heard the Kanye West song as well. I know many more of these artists, though not all their songs. I've heard some of them by listening to Dan's play list over the year and input from my work pal, Erik. Dan and I intersect on Fiona Apple - I like her new stuff better than her first album.
  • Planet Dan's 2005 Least Favorite - I like Green Day (although they have been overplaying the whole album if you ever listen to the radio), but the Lifehouse, Dave Matthews, Nickelback and Tim McGraw picks are spot on. I don't question why he doesn't like Tori Amos, but I do wonder why he notes "Writes Songs with 12 Year Old Girls" because, to the best of my knowledge, those are the only people who watch shows with characters named Lorelai and Rory.
  • Boing Boing's best mashups of 2005 - fully a musical movement I do not understand.
  • Twin Cities music writers poll at the Strib - I am familiar with Melodious Owl and Low.
  • Elise at After School Snack has a top poetry list - some people claim music is just poetry with a tune, so I guess Elise's list counts, although her list does not restrict itself to poems from 2005 (unless Chaucer has risen, and if he did, how would anyone know, because only English majors understand him). I know more poets and poems on this list (and have actually read them) than songs in the KMOJ list.
  • And finally, via the Blotter, possibly nsfw J.R.R. Tolkein commentary on elf sex (gay elves? kissing cousins? interspecies sex is death?), because those elves are making sweet sweet music together.


klund said...

Let me, for a moment, take exception to the Least Favorite songs list. Now, I understand that whether or not you like a song is a personal matter, and I can sympathize with a person who repeatedly hears a song that they don't like. However, why do some people expect every artist to be Dylan?

Take Lifehouse, for example. I got their new CD for Michelle, and I've heard it a number of times. There are essentially two very good, catchy songs, and a bunch of songs that sound similar to those two. But what's wrong with that? It's not like anybody buys a Lifehouse album expecting to hear cutting edge, envelope pushing music with intense social commentary. They know what people want, and they give it to them.

Not everybody can be Fall Out Boy, you know.

Christian said...

Sometime during college I started making lists. I'm pretty sure it began with my newspaper editor freshman year locking his staff in a room so we could put together the top 90 songs and movies of the '90s; I doubt I'd agree with those lists now, but it put me on a path to many more entertainment-related lists. Good times.

As for your question, I have only worked in the content center for three and a half months. Prior to that I worked for Wells Fargo.