Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Potpourri - GW Drunk and Fort Minor

Apparently my "long" post was too long to read, regardless of its value in keeping innocents out of the way of daemonic evil. So today I will simply post a lot of short bits for the those who haven't had their Ritalin.

If you haven't seen it, check out the George Bush drunk bit over at Planet Dan. Worth waiting for the 3 meg download, even on dialup.

My friend, Ming, pointed me at a song, "Kenji", by Fort Minor, a solo project set up by Linkin Park EmCee Mike Shinoda. If you've read Dave Neiwert's Strawberry Days, it's like a synopsis, including spliced-in interviews with Japanese Americans. You can find lyrics here. And if you don't wince twice about riding someone's bandwidth, just punch Kenji into Radio Blog Club for a listen. "When we first got back from camp... uhh It was... pretty... pretty bad I, I remember my husband said 'Are we gonna stay 'til last?' Then my husband died before they close the camp."

My friend Dan'l is fortunate the Mezcal I bought him was all dusty, because something newer might not have had the worm. Mezcal is going upscale and the goverment is worried the worms, even though pickled first, release fat into the Mezcal.

In West Virginia, the wells douse back - but instead of telling you they have water, they tell you where to find the earthquake.

And finally, I missed a cultural experience I can really relate to. Stages Theater put on "A Single Shard" a month ago (pdf study guide). It's the story of Tree Ear, a Korean boy (told via Molly, a Korean-American adoptee), who becomes a potter's apprentice and, through pottery, discovers wisdom and identity (personal identity, not the racist religion). This is a picture of a portion of my kitchen. Please ignore the spider web clinging to the pot (is it a pot if it has a hole on each end?) and focus on how creating this pot for me and Pooteewheet changed my sister's life. It's like the play was written about her (actually, I'm sure it was very good - but the description was uncanny).


LissyJo said...

My korean ancestors spoke **through** me when making that pot. My college art teacher told me so.

Joe said...

I actually read all of your long post. I found it quite engaging, though I don't believe a word of it. :)