Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mexico Vacation Blogging

This is probably of no interest to anyone not friend or family, so there's your fair warning. These pictures aren't even funny - just me and the squirt on our vacation. That's not to say that I didn't take funny ones - just that they'll be coming later, after I appease my wife with some toddler time.

Eryn at the resort in Mexico, checking out the benches. That pool is a bit cold for swimming.

Dinner at the Dolphin - Eryn liked the sun that spit water. Some very good local shrimp cooked in honey and orange sauce.

Wee Be Jammin!

The trip back from breakfast was going a bit slow, so grandpa did some carrying. I tricked Eryn into moving a little faster later by leaving a treasure hunt of numbers (1 to 20) in the sand. You can only go so fast when walking involves stopping every five feet to draw squiggles and dance around them.

He's my grandpa, but sometimes I'm embarrassed to be seen with him...wait...maybe that's I'm embarrassed to see him...maybe it's both.

The plane ride there. A bit out of order from the other pictures.

My cousin and cousin-in-law, meeting us in Phoenix for a beer. Not that beer - a smaller beer.

Eryn poses with an organ pipe cactus - very rare this (AZ) side of the border. Contrary to their name, you don't put your lips on them and play music.

I have it on good authority that this is the cactus you spend your time in if you biff it while mountain biking the Arizona back trails.

Our deck, our view, our beach...ahhhh.....

Eryn does not like to stand in the water because it goes out and sucks at her feet, so she gets dizzy and she falls in the cold ocean and her butt gets wet and covered with salt water...f the damn ducks, they're not so cool floating in the ocean when you realize the ocean is like 45 degrees or so - how can they stand it? Eryn can't stand it - Eryn wants dry pants. Give Eryn dry pants...daddy you're a bastard for making Eryn stand in the ocean.

Grandpa and Eryn, almost looks like a picture of a Minnesota winter, but in sand, not snow.

Eryn and Dad have a message for Mom. We wrote it with a "sand pencil" whose occupant had vacated his shell.

Eryn has dry pants. This is better. Eryn is going to dig a hole to China for Grandma. Why to China? Because there are lots of diamonds in China, so you will know it is China.

Just cutin' it up in Mexico on the beach.

Dad and Eryn at the tidal pools in the volcanic rock. We didn't find any four foot long squids as mommy threatened we might. Dad might have thought those were cool - Eryn might have freaked. Heck, the puking seagulls that wanted to eat her were bad enough.

Eryn and Grandpa looking for the nude beach near Playa Hermosa that Mom told them about. "Gimme those!" says Grandpa, right before Grandma pours a cold bottle of water down the back of his pants.

Eryn and Dad in town at Rocky Point near a big statue. Pictures of statue to come later because it appropriately falls under "funny".


PTW said...

These are great! Eryn looks very happy - well, except in the one where her jerk daddy made her stand in the ocean, but still. Thanks for staying up late and blogging!

LissyJo said...

Holy smokes! Why not pictures of dad in the ocean with no pants on?

PTW said...

Wait, Eryn had a window seat on the plane? Was it only two across, or was tghere an empty seat?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you ignore your sister's suggestion for the next pictures you post, although you might be able to get your dad to cooperate if you promise him the photos will be artistic and tastefully done :)

By the way, are you going to take Eryn to the desert museum to see javelinas and lizards and hummingbirds (oh my!) ?

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I always find it hard to see people so bundled up while standing on a beach in Mexico. Couldn't you have pretended it was 85 and sunny by putting on a suit.