Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Celebrity Lookalikes

I'm stuck at home for the day. I was supposed to go downtown for a Microsoft launch today, and the snow wouldn't have stopped me, but being sick and coughing up bits of lung has. Instead I'm swallowing daytime cold capsules the size of testicles, downing Halls coughdrops like candy, and perusing the web in front of the t.v.

Planet Dan has a fun link up for a facial recognition program that compares faces in pictures you upload to the faces of celebrities. I did a bit of comparing with pictures of Eryn and myself and the first attempt gave us close matches of Liv Tyler for me and Audrey Tautou for Eryn. I would have never pegged Eryn as being French, though I might peg my mother as a rock groupie given a bottle of Herford Cow at the end of a 24 hour nursing shift.
The secondary matches were Zhang Ziyi for Eryn and Aaliyah for me (surprisingly, no one has ever told me I look like Aaliyah, or like any young, black, female). But more interesting were Eryn and I both showing up as matches for Keira Knightley. There must be something in the family facial traits that actually has something in common with her - maybe we hail from the same part of the island in the distant past. More importantly, I find it reassuring that Mr. Mustard now has to consider whether watching movies with Keira Knightley in them and considering her attractive in some way reflects a secret desire for this cube neighbor. Maybe Ms. Knightley and I can share the same restraining order against him.


Anonymous said...

Blame your Mother!

MeanMrMustard said...

It thought I looked like Muddy Waters and John Cleese. Which, honestly, is a pretty big stretch, even if you haven't seen me.

LissyJo said...

Does it worry you that two analyses think you look like a woman?...Wait. It thinks my daughter is a black man (a close second was jesse jackson).

Scooter said...

LissyJo: absolutely not, considering they're attractive young women. I'd be far more concerned if they told me I looked like a cross between a grizzled old blues singer and an aged comedian. As a bonus, it means if Pooteewheet ever has girl-on-girl fantasies, she doesn't have to leave the house - I'm a MFF menage all in one body.